Expand or Stay Solo

The Pros and Cons of Expanding Your Business – Tips and Alternatives

So, you’re deciding the next step for your business. You think to yourself, I have two choices here, to expand my business and hire new staff or keep solo and stay where I am, but there are a lot of different options that you can consider for the next step. This article is a guide on what you can expect when deciding the best option for your company.


Increased efficiency and cost

Expansion can lead to a larger consumer base which means that there will ultimately be a higher demand for your product. When ordering from manufacturers and wholesalers, the more you order, the cheaper it is. Also, moving to a larger facility or expanding to more than one location means more room to hold stock which reduces the time and cost in production. This can ultimately mean less money spent and increased profit.

Improved brand exposure

If you are successful with your venture, this can mean that you will have increased brand exposure for your company which can mean a rise in clientele, room for more expansion in the future and more options for your business.


Hiring new staff doesn’t necessarily mean less work

More people in your business means more people that you have a responsibility to, which means that you don’t just have yourself to worry about anymore. You also have to worry about legal responsibility and fees – it is recommended that you do your research before even thinking about the hiring process.


Expanding business doesn’t mean that you will get an influx of cash, especially when just starting. When you consider expansion costs, hiring new staff and the cost of location as well as the added legal fees, you will be spending a lot of money. While it can mean a growth in profit, later on, you do need to calculate cost before beginning to determine if it is worth the risk.

Although you are taking an extra risk, if you keep, all things considered, expanding your business may be the next step for you

If you do choose to expand:

I have a few tips, firstly it is highly recommended that you talk to a professional business advisor before making any decisions. Taking advice based on your own business structure can be helpful and keep you from making any mistakes based on general guidance. A business advisor can also make sure you are doing everything above board and don’t have to worry about legal problems in the future.

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