How to Take Eye Catching Photos For Instagram

With the ever-growing interest in photo and video content, platforms like Instagram are the perfect way to get your lash work seen for FREE!

The only catch? You’re not the only one needing exposure, so how do you get noticed?
The average social media user spends around 2 hours per day on Instagram, crazy huh? and it’s no wonder why. With roughly 800 million users the social market is saturated with content. Luckily for you, your current and future clients are interested in eyelash extensions, and the best way to attract them to your business is with bold, carefully shot lash photos.
shot lash photos
When users stumble across your photos in a hashtag search, or through your website, do they see sharp lash photos with clean backgrounds? Unfiltered and unedited vibrant photos? Or do they see a muddled content with incorrect lighting? Your Instagram content is possibly the first thing they may see and the potential client’s first impression of your business, so it better look AMAZING.
The key to a beautiful and clear lash photo is good lighting. Lighting not only illuminates your photos, it helps you camera focus. Light brightens up dull complexions, and creates greater contrast between the skin and lashes, creating definition in the lash line. If you capture the ring light in the photo you get bonus points.

Lighting lash photo
Whether you snap your lash photos while your client is still lying down, or you have them stand up against a clean wall post-mist, you should aim for a tidy background that matches your brand’s colour scheme and overall style.

lash photos

While your subject matter isn’t likely to change too much, playing around with depths and angles adds a different element of artistry that your clients will be happy to see. Aside from adding interest to your lash photos, varying your shots shows your clients that you’re not only a proficient lash tech—you’re an artist with an eye for style.

Neat-Tidy eyelash

Neat & Tidy  
After spending hours on your client's lash set, setting up your background, shot, and perfecting your catch light, the last thing you want is a stray lash interfering your photo. Before you snap your perfect shot, tidy up any stray lashes, and give your set a good brush—you want your followers to see your work at its best.

PRO Tip: A lot of artists forget about their client's eyebrows. During your appointment your hands rest on your client's brows, disturbing the careful groom they came in with. Before you snap your photo, do your client, and your Instagram followers a favour, and brush the brows.
Close Up
It might feel a bit awkward holding your phone inches from your client’s face, but moving your camera closer to your subject—rather than zooming—will get you a clearer photo every single time.
The science: "When you zoom, you decrease the resolution by enlarging the pixels," says photographer Aaron Pedersen. Your photos will become pixilated, and you'll lose the definition you need to see the lashes.

No Filters or Edits
The number one problem we see with lash photos is over-editing. Your clients’ skin should never look blurry, and a little unevenness never hurt anybody. It’s one thing to erase a blemish, or liven up a tired complexion, but your lash photos should look as natural as possible. If your client has a lot of redness, or a breakout they don’t want the world to see, go for a close-up on the eye instead. When it comes to editing, play around with brightness, contrast, and shadows just enough to help your photos look their best.

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