Tips to Get More Instagram Followers

Many businesses are starting to advertise on social media to gain more attention. Instagram is the perfect tool to gain customers, it’s easy to use a platform and visually based content keeps it’s audience intrigued and can be great advertising for your business as long as you make the right moves. Here are some easy tips for gaining and keeping followers;
Create a Cohesive and Consistent Instagram Profile.
When someone clicks on your profile, you want them to be intrigued to look further. A profile that has a specific and cohesive theme draws the eyelash extension supplies and keeps attention. Organising the outlay for your photos before posting is a great way to do this as well as editing all photos the same, to continue the same look. A profile that is aesthetically pleasing is more likely to get attention than one that doesn’t.
Consistency is key! Keep your audience hooked by continually posting content. Make sure you are posting quality content otherwise customers will tend to draw away.
Highlight your brand with Instagram Highlights
Highlights are a great new feature that Instagram has introduced to present your brand to your followers and let them know what you’re all about. Highlights give you the opportunity to show the best of your content – Think of your highlights as little previews into what your brand is about.
Watch Out for Trends
Keeping up to date with new trends coming out on social media can make your brand look fresh and audiences will appeal to this. Features, like adding cute gifs to Instagram stories or watching out for funny challenges your team can join in on, are perfect examples. However, you should be picky about these and you don’t need to follow every trend that appears – you could start to seem desperate.
Use Hashtags That Reflect Your Brand
Using hashtags has always been an effective tool in Instagram to gain attention from audiences that aren’t necessarily looking. However, using brand specific hashtags to gain quality, long-term followers is a more effective tool and will give you an audience that will benefit your business in the long run. Put thought into your hashtags and you can not only gain more followers but more customers.
Also putting your hashtags in your comments will hide them from the caption and make them less obvious to viewers.
Engage in Other Profiles
Keep in touch with what is happening in your industry by following accounts that inspire you, other business similar to yours and accounts that you would like as followers and customers. Stay engaged by liking photos and commenting, it’s the easiest way to get viewers to click onto your account.
Create an Inviting Profile
Make a profile that invites your followers into the conversation. Take your followers behind the scene of your business, use your stories to talk to them about exciting ventures and ask them questions in your captions. This creates a friendly feeling to your profile, rather than one of pure promotion.
These tips are a great start to spark your Instagram success – remember to keep engaging with your audience and you can gain lifelong followers!

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