In Person 2 Day Beginner Classic Eyelash Extension Course
In Person 2 Day Beginner Classic Eyelash Extension Course
In Person 2 Day Beginner Classic Eyelash Extension Course
In Person 2 Day Beginner Classic Eyelash Extension Course
In Person 2 Day Beginner Classic Eyelash Extension Course
In Person 2 Day Beginner Classic Eyelash Extension Course
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In Person 2 Day Beginner Classic Eyelash Extension Course

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Modules & what you will learn:

Theory day 1: Intensive theory of our accredited lash bible which is 98 pages

- The history of eyelash extensions
- Individual eyelash extensions and what they are
- Consumer products in comparison to professional-grade products
- Anatomy of the eye
- Lash growth and structure
- Eyelash cycles and shedding
- The correct lashes to apply extensions to and what to look for
- Health and safety of your salon and instruments involved
- Decontamination and disinfecting methods for your salon and clients
- Self-care and how to manage it while lashing
- Set up & posture
- Eye conditions and safety
- Allergies and irritation that can occur - the importance of knowing the difference
- Prevention of cross-contamination
- How to and when to conduct an allergy/ patch test
- What to do with a negative reaction
- Contraindications and common reactions
- Conducting an eye area investigation - what to look for
- Client care / aftercare
- Lash hygiene and how important it really is for your client to clean their lashes
- Product knowledge - the common tools and products you will use
- Types of eyelash extensions and knowing which will suit your client
- The material, lengths, curls, and diameters that eyelash extensions are found in
- Eyelash adhesive - its properties ad requirements
- Retention troubleshooting
- The discussion around your lash kit and what each product is for
- How to set up your lash room accordingly
- Consultations and why they're crucial
- Lash design and the styles to best suit your client's needs
- How to lash map for your client
- An explanation of the eyelash extension application method, including preparation, application, infills, troubleshooting, and removal
- Which extensions to remove and apply to your client
- Client waver forms and why they're important
- Your responsibilities as a lash artist
- How to price your services accurately
- Client return and loyalty
- Q&A's

Your trainer will show you proper healthy & safety procedures including the cleaning method of your tweezers and how to maintain a sanitary work area.

Your trainer will perform demonstrations thoroughly explaining all aspects of lashing throughout.
 You will go over practice consultations with your trainer explaining what questions to ask your clients.
 You will be going over different mapping techniques on how to create different styles to suit your client's different eye shapes and needs.

You will learn how to measure and decide what length to use depending on the client's natural lash strength, as well as the demonstration of how to draw mapping on your client!
you will learn how to properly handle tweezers showing correct pressure points & how to grip, how to use your tweezers to sift through lashes, and isolate a single lash safely.

You will also learn how to anchor your hands accordingly on the client's head to stabilize and balance through the treatment.
How to pick up an extension from the tile
Correct usage of glue
How to correctly attach extensions to a natural lash for best retention (angles, different attachment techniques)

- How to attach an extension to lashes of different characteristics (straight, curly, criss-cross)

Students will be given their own mannequin head to practice all of the above and apply a set of classics

Students will then sit a written exam that covers basic lash knowledge


Day 1 afternoon: Classic full set

Students will need to source a model for their first set of lashes.
- Trainer will demo how to prep clients for a set of lashes
- How to consult clients, what they are after, and how to manage their expectations
- Demo of how to cleanse lashes properly for application
- Showing how to pad and tape the eye area correctly
- Will demonstrate the process of measuring clients' lashes and how to decide what length to use and what mapping style suits the client best.
- Your trainer will identify to students the characteristics of the client's natural lashes and show which lashes are healthy to lash and which ones aren't.
- Trainer will then apply some lashes to the client revising what was demonstrated on the first day so students can see the application on a live model.

Students will then get their stations ready and get started with their models and apply a set of classic lashes. The trainer will be supervising at all times and will swap with the student every half an hour to see how they are progressing and help apply some lashes to the client.

-The trainer will then demo on one of the models the process of finishing a full set, explaining what products to use, how to un pad and tape the client
- The trainer will go over the aftercare process and students will need to repeat to their clients 
- Trainer will demo how to take good photos of lashes
- Trainer will have a discussion with the students on troubleshooting how to resolve issues and give feedback!

Day 2 morning: Classic infill

Students will need to source a model.

With supervision from the trainer, the students will be conducting their own consultations, prepping their clients, and map everything for their infill on their own (the trainer will help if needed).

The trainer will demonstrate on one of the models the infill process and show how to banana peel grown out lashes

once the trainer has finished the demonstration the students will proceed with doing their infill fully supervised by the trainer who will only intervene if the student is wanting help otherwise will continue to swap every half hour to apply some lashes and help where needed.

Once infill is done students will continue with the finishing process and take photos of their finished set.

Day 2 afternoon: Classic full set exam

Students will need to source a model.

This is the student's exam set where they will be assessed on all criteria of lashing and will apply a full set of classics. The trainer will be assessing proper isolation, correct attachment, and placement, mapping technique good usage of glue, handling of tweezers, good direction, and good coverage
The trainer will be supervising at all times but will not be able to intervene or help apply any lashes for the student as it is their final exam (if in emergency trainer will of course help).

Once the set is done students will continue with the finishing process and take photos of their finished set

once students are done the trainer will assess the set.

After the full set, the students will be given a written exam to sit which covers all basic lash knowledge that is taught.

Certification will be handed to the students once everything is completed.

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