Online Hybrid & Volume Eyelash Extension Mastery Course (Kit Not Included)
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Online Hybrid & Volume Eyelash Extension Mastery Course (Kit Not Included)

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At LashXtend Academy, we understand that today’s Girl Boss can have a demanding schedule, as we have recently developed an all NEW Online Hybrid and Volume Mastery Course to accommodate your busy lives, and make it easier to climb the ladder of entrepreneurship at your own pace. Learn absolutely everything you need to know about eyelash extensions in your own time at your own place, there is no time frame to complete.

Accredited by NALA and Lash Inc, we provide quality, thorough education that follows the same structure of our salon training, to make sure that by the end of the certificate you are as skilled and talented as our LashXtend trainers. All video modules are taught by LashXtend Academy’s CEO Amy Williams, and Online Mastery students receive access to course materials, including video modules, access to our client waiver form and photography form, our Lash Bible and our photography ebook. This means you can enjoy studying on your own terms.

After completion, you will be able to set up your own business. However, we encourage to purchase - How To Create & Build A Successful Brand Or Business

(A complete manual from start to finish in regards to starting a business, what you need to do legally, and what you need to do in general etc. 

 This course is online through our learning portal.

 After each module is a multiple choice quiz (these can be retaken if failed multiple times until you pass 80%)

For the final exam we require a full set to be completed (this can be with a live model or on a mannequin head, we understand sometimes finding a model can be challenging - we do not sell mannequin heads however if you search on Ebay for (Mannequin Flat Training Head With Practice-Lashes For Eyelash Extensions) they are roughly $20 total with free shipping, you will need to email photos to with a description of what was done step by step. We never fail anyone, we always give feedback if the set needs improvement, you can retry as many times as you like with no extra costs as we want you to become the best lash artist you can be.

The Hybrid and Volume Mastery Course Online includes 22 audio lessons and 9 video modules on all volume eyelash extension topics including lash hygiene, history of eyelash extensions, proper application and removal, lash room set up, styling and more. See below for full module list.

Certificate will be emailed after you complete and pass the course along with your discount code and congratulations email!

 Module 1: Theory and product explanation

Unlock all of the Informations you'll ever need with the access to the Hybrid and Volume Mastery Bible - 108 Pages!

- The history of eyelash extensions 

- The explanation of what eyelash extensions are

- Consumer products in comparison to Professional products

Module 2: Natural Eyelashes 

- The purpose and function of your natural eyelashes 

- Eyelash Cycles and shedding

- The kind of natural lashes can you extend

- Spring and Autumn Shedding

Module 3: Health & Safety

- Airborne Pathogens 

- The cleaning and storage of re-useable instruments

- Care of cleaning instruments 

- The kid and pet free salon standards

Module 4: Decontamination and Disinfection

- The 3 levels of decontamination 

- How to disinfect your tweezers step by step

- The cleaning of other tools 

- Disinfecting your work space 

- How to pass a health inspection 

- Storage

 Module 5: Self care

- Over working yourself 

- Posture and self health 

Module 6: Allergies and irritation

- What are they?

- The causes of irritation in the lash industry

- The ways to prevent allergic reactions

- When to perform an allergy or patch test and how to

- What to do with a negative reaction

Module 7: Contradictions and reactions

- The types of reactions 

- Lash diseases and disorders 

- Contraindications and what they are

- Eye area investigation 

- Identification table for contraindications

-  Medication input 

- Client care

- Aftercare and the right products to use 

 Module 8: Lash Hygiene 

- How to wash eyelash extensions 

- What can happen if lashes are not washed accordingly, the inflammation that can occur and mites that can form

- How to manage unhygienic clients 

 Module 9: Product Knowledge

- Everyday eyelash extension tools needed 

- The types of eyelashes on the market and their differences 

- The types of sizes eyelash extensions can be found in

- Eyelash Curls

- Eyelash size chart and guidelines 

- The lengths of lashes 

- The widths of lashes 

- The different materials of lash extensions 

- Ways to store and take care of your lash adhesive 

- Troubleshooting retention issues 

- Gel remover theory 

- What to have in your lash kit 

Module 10: Lash room set up 

-  How to set up your lash room appropriately 

- Why is ventilation necessary 

- Safety considerations 

 Module 11: Consultations and why they are important 

Module 12: Lash Design 

- Eyelash styles 

- Learning to lash map 

- Understanding face shapes and ways to enhance with the use of lashes 

Module 13: Lash artist responsibilities

- How to attract Clients & build a client base 

- How to improve client loyalty 

- Common complaints

- Pricing your services 

 Module 14: The difference between Hybrid and Volume Lash sets 

- What are volume eyelash extensions 

- What are hybrid eyelash extensions 

 Module 15: Dimensions for volume fans 

- Choosing the right lashes 

- Lash diameters

- Lash length

- Lash curl 

- Width of lashes to be using when making fans 

- The comparison of weights when choosing the right dimension 

 Module 16: Different techniques when making fans 

- Detailed instructions and information on all 3 techniques 

- Video tutorials on each technique 

 Module 17: The ratio of classics to fans used when creating a hybrid set 

Module 18: Lash extension application

- Preparation steps 

- Why a client waver form is important?

- Making handmade fans and how to apply your fan extension onto the natural lash 

- Step by step of application explained with photographic attachments in your bible

- Along with Video tutorials with a step by step guide 

- Containing your first practical assignment 

- What to watch for during application

- What factors affect retention 

- Which extensions to remove during an infill

 Module 19: Lash extension removals

- The process step by step 

-The Banana peel technique explained 

- Video lesson of the Banana peel technique, step by step

Module 20: Pre Made Fans 

- How they are made

- Which types to use and when to use them

 Module 21: Business & marketing 

- Responsibilities of owning your own business when lashing 

- Professionalism

- Follow ups and how to make them 

- Photo release forms explained, with LashXtend's example

- Client registration forms explained, with LashXtend's example 


- Your final exam 

- The approval, followed by the receiving of your certification

- Access to the LashXtend Lash Alliance, filled with exclusive benefits and support to grow yourself as a Lash Artist! 

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