LashXtend and Lash Prodigy have over a decade of lashing expertise under the guidance of their CEO, Amy Williams. Practise in the craft is essential in the outstanding ability of a lash technician - and with that the skill of teaching, and the knowledge of lash products.

LashXtend Academy offers both in-person and online training - for courses in classic, hybrid and volume eyelash extension application, eyebrow shaping, trimming, tweezing, tint and henna application, eyelash lifts and business/brand building. Our online courses are all taught by our own CEO Amy Williams, and our in-person by a team of industry experts, under the guidance of Amy to give you the best education and support you will require to set up your career in the ever growing industry of eyelash extension/eyebrow and eyelash lifting.

sourcing the outstanding products and perfecting the brand over 5 years, Lash prodigy provides not just supreme education but amazing quality products.

LashXtend offers accredited lash extension training and refresher courses from our head office. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced eyelash extension technician, we have courses for all.

Lashxtend and Lash Prodigy are growing exponentially, building a community of elite lash technicians globally. We believe in women and men helping each other grow, and giving them the confidence to do so. To us, it’s the little details that matter. We will go above and beyond for our students to ensure they are the best they can possibly be, offering a flawless education that helps the students retain clientele and build an amazing business. 

Developed in 2016, Lash Prodigy is the model of exceptional quality.

At Lash Prodigy, we are dedicated to providing lash technicians, studios and salons with best of the best. From our training, to our products, to our brand - we strive to provide the highest quality for our customers. Lash Prodigy makes it possible to add defining, beautiful characteristics to any female or male.

Lash Prodigy is committed to sourcing ethical and environmentally friendly products that will not only make your lashing experience easier, it will be making a difference to our planet. All packaging is biodegradable and recycled, all of lash prodigy's glues are medical graded to ensure safety to you and your clients and every single product is vegan friendly, animals are not used harmed or tested.