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Have you been wanting to create your very own online masterclasses but don’t know where to begin? You have come to the right place!

Designed by entrepreneurs Amy (Lash Prodigy) & Rach (Shaped By Rach)

One Time Payment $700 AUD

What You'll Learn!

How to create multiple sources of income through done for you digital products.

Step by step formula for successful selling online digital products.

How to set up your sales system & have it ready within a week.

Mathematics behind how to generate $10,000+ profit a month with digital products.

Paid Facebook Ads.

Organic Marketing Strategies.

How to grow ANY business with an online presence (Lash/Brow or Beauty Industry etc.)


What's Included?

100% Profits

Over 200 hours of in-depth BEGINNER FRIENDLY videos to guide you STEP BY STEP through the entire process of launching your passive income

You'll have LIFETIME ACCESS to the course and incredible community support with NO MONTHLY FEES!

DONE-FOR-YOU digital product - the course itself! For you to sell for 100% profit!

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You can now access the Ultimate Beauty Business Master Print on how to develop, launch and successfully sell your own Online Digital products! 

This course includes everything you need to start a booming digital marketing business in your spare time.

No experience needed!

Over 246 video lessons!


  • Social Media Marketing
  • Importance of creating your target Audience
  • Understanding the Importance of Branding
  • Learn how to build your own FREE  successful sales funnel that will convert your targeted customer
  • How to optimize your sales process
  • How to set up your payment gateways and processes
  • How to create your legal links
  • Troubleshooting
  • How to set up your emails
  • How to set up effective email marketing campaigns that will not only engage subscribers but convert them to sales.
  • How to design, personalize and automate your emails.
  • How to create tags and track your analytics for effectiveness.
  • Learn how to effectively leverage social media to build brand awareness & drive traffic to your website. SEO optimization. 
  • Mastering your Branding and Marketing messaging.
  • How to build trust with your audience.
  • The value of storytelling content.
  • Understanding good hooks, (includes downloadable templates)
  • Includes a full content calender
  • Branding foundations
  • Step by step Marketing plan checklist.
  • How to build a marketing plan.
  • Target market creation 
  • Getting started with affiliate marketing.
  • How to build an affiliate marketing funnel.
  • Content creation for affiliate marketing.
  • How to find clarity on the business model that works for you.
  • Market growth rate calculations. 
  • Profit margins.
  • Investment costs.
  • Market opportunity
  • 230 Downloadable content ideas 
  • Viral engagement questions.
  • Engagement post templates.
  • Hot headline formula.
  • FB/IG Story templates 
  • Chat GPT Masterclass
  • Google productivity Hacks.
  • How to use loom.
  • How to set up calendy.
  • How to set up linktree.
  • How to use Canva.
  • Daily action plan check list
  • Presenting a comprehensive digital marketing course coupled with a READY MADE digital offering. Establishing your very own digital marketing enterprise.
  • This could be your 1st stepping stone to enter the digital marketing world or it could compliment your current offer suites.

What will I receive ?

  • Lifetime access
  • Beginner friendly
  • Hundreds of videos
  • Marketing, paid Facebook ads, email marketing and more!


What is this course?

This product is an extensive digital marketing course and DONE FOR YOU digital product! The course includes 80 in-depth modules that will walk you through, as a beginner, starting your own digital marketing business.

You will not only learn how to brand yourself, perform well on the SEO, market on various social media channels- you will also be walked through step by step setting up your free funnels, email campaigns and other aspects to creating a successful online business.

What makes this product so unique is that once you purchase the product, you own it. This means you can also add this product to your offer suite to sell and make 100% profit.

When will I get access?

You will receive access straight away!

What is MRR and how do I make 100% profit?

Master Resell Rights means, When you purchase this product, not only will you benefit from the robust digital marketing course, you will also own the course content and be able to sell it for 100% profit.

This means that anytime someone purchases this course from you, the purchase money goes directly to you, not to a third party.

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