Classic Eyelash Extension Course

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Enrolments open, this course is completed online only

Our courses are fully accredited and certified by NALA & Lash Inc. 
This course will teach you classic eyelash extension application including full sets,  infills & removals.

All theory, video, and audio modules are designed and developed by Amy Williams, Founder of Lash Prodigy & LashXtend. 
For your final exams, you will need to complete a minimum of the following:

  • 2 x Classic Full Set Of Eyelash Extensions

Whats included in my course & modules covered
- About the industry
- Natural lashes
- The anatomy of the eye
- Functions of the eye
- Cycles & shedding
- What lashes should we apply to? What should we not apply to?
- Spring & fall shedding
- Health & safety
- Pets & salons
- Infection control 
- Disinfecting tweezers the correct way
- Why wearing gloves is essential 
- Glue & everything you need to know about it, polymerisation, curing, humidity, removals 
- Self care 
- Different types of lashes (classic, hybrid, volume, mega)
What materials lashes are made out of, different types, where do they come from
Curls, thicknesses and lengths of lashes

- Product knowledge
- Client retention & loyalty, how to spot a reaction in time, allergies and sensitivities. How to prevent an allergic reaction, the difference between allergy and irritation, when to do a sample set, contraindications, eye area investigation, client care and medications including client consultation forms
- Lash hygiene
- The importance of padding the eyes and the correct way to do so
- Full set, infills and removal demos that are very in-depth 
- Trade tools summary
- How to set up your beauty space/room
- Consultations
- Photo consent and why its important, photo release form included
- Photography
- Social media
- Face shapes
- Prep step by step 
- Your responsibilities as a lash artist
- Common complaints and how to handle them
- Pricing your services, what should you be charging?
- Insurance and the most affordable 
- Intensive theory - our lash bible has over 110 pages, this is updated yearly and you are given the updated version each year for free.
- Comprehensive lash kit that will get you started with your own business
- Lash Prodigy Lash Certificate (once course requirements have been completed)
- Ongoing support, feedback and help whenever needed, we are always here for you!
Will I receive a certificate upon completion?

I have purchased my course, when can I start?
You can get start straight away. 
If I do decide to purchase my course WITH a lash kit, what is included?
Your kit contents are subject to shipments at the time, as we ensure that the value is always equal to or higher than $324.72 

Within your Classic Mastery Online Course kit, the following products are included:
3 x Mixed trays for classic eyelash extension application - 0.15 diameter
1 x Lash Tile 
1 x 5ml Glue
20 x Under Eye Pads 
1 x Roll Of Tape (Medical Grade)
2 x Tweezers (1 Isolation & 1 Pick Up)
Glue Remover 
Air Puffer 
100 x Microfibre Brushes 
50 x Mascara Wands
Total $405.90 - 20% discount = $324.72

Do I get a discount on lash supplies?
Yes, We provide all of our students with a 20% off storewide for life, this can be used on all products and courses.

What kind of support do you offer for your online students?
We are always here for you, upon joining our lash and brow family you have given contact details to always keep in touch during and after your study. 

How long will it take for me to complete my course? All courses are completed in your own time. At your own pace. Some students complete this course in a week others maybe more time poor making their study longer. Remember there are no due dates or expiries.

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