Online Classic Eyelash Extension Mastery Course
Online Classic Eyelash Extension Mastery Course
Online Classic Eyelash Extension Mastery Course
Online Classic Eyelash Extension Mastery Course
Online Classic Eyelash Extension Mastery Course
Online Classic Eyelash Extension Mastery Course
Lash Prodigy

Online Classic Eyelash Extension Mastery Course

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This course will teach you classic eyelash extension application including infills & removals.

The classic mastery course has an option to receive a kit or you can purchase without. 

At Lash Prodigy we understand that every business owner or those with full time, even part-time employment can have a demanding schedule, so we have developed a fully comprehensive classic eyelash extension course that does not require you to attend any in-person training. The course is all completed online in your own time at your own pace without any expiry or exam due dates.

Lash Prodigy hold the highest global accreditation with NALA & Lash Inc. 

All theory, video, and audio modules are designed and developed by Amy Williams, Founder of Lash Prodigy & LashXtend. All students upon enrolment will be given their trainers' direct contact details. 

Total Theory Manuals - 1

Total Modules - 16

Total Audio Lessons - 16

Total Video Lessons - 8

For your final exams, you will need to complete a minimum of the following:

  • 2 x Classic Full Set Of Eyelash Extensions

A certificate will be presented upon completion of your course.


Will I receive a certificate upon completion?
You sure will! 🏆
We are certified by NALA and Lash inc. as they have handpicked through our courses to make sure they are of their highest standards for your learning. 
I have purchased my course, when can I start?
You will find an automated email from us (please check your junk mail if you do not have it within your usual mailbox) as we guide you to the creation of your account. Once your account is made, we will then grant access to your enrolled course within 24-48 hours ⚡️
Once your enrolment is complete you can begin your course!
Will I receive a kit with the online classic eyelash extension course?
If you would like to, absolutely! 💃🏼
We do give you the option to purchase your eyelash extension course WITH or WITHOUT a kit included, so you can choose what suits you best! 
If I do decide to purchase my course WITH a lash kit, what is included?
Your kit contents are subject to shipments at the time, as we ensure that the value is always equal to or higher than $324.72 ♡
Within your Classic Mastery Online Course kit, the following products are included:
3 x Mixed / Single trays for classic eyelash extension application (0.10, 0.12, 0.15 diameter)
1 x Lash Tile 
1 x 5ml Glue
20 x Under Eye Pads 
1 x Roll Of Tape (Medical Grade)
2 x Tweezers (1 Isolation & 1 Pick Up)
Glue Remover 
Air Puffer 
100 x Microfibre Brushes 
50 x Mascara Wands

Total $405.90 - 20% discount = $324.72

Will I need any additional products for my lash kit? If so what do I need?
It is not essential to purchase the following products, although they will improve the overall quality of your work, including client retention, ease in application, and to help you get the most out of your essential items❗️
Jade Stone - To prevent the rapid drying of adhesive.
Jade Stone Covers - to protect your jade stone from your glue.
Nano Mister - clients can wet lashes after 12 hours instead of 24 hours after using this.
Eyelash Primer - to improve glue attachment and extend retention.
Super bond - Allows your clients to get their lashes wet just 3 minutes after this product is applied! This results in clients' eyes being less irritated after the treatment and your extensions will last a lot longer.
Sealant - Protects the extensions glue bond from moisture, oils, perspiration, dust, and debris.
Hygrometer - Essential for every lash room to ensure you're working in the correct temperature and humidity range for your adhesive.
Eyelash Mirror - Used to check the front of your sets throughout your lash application without interrupting your client.
Adhesive Nozzle Wipes - To always keep your adhesive nozzle tip clean and free of excess glue, that could potentially clog your bottle!
Glue Remover Balls - Just dip, agitate and rinse to remove any glue on your tweezers within seconds. 
Do I get a discount on lash supplies?
Yes, you do! 💫
We provide all of our students with a 20% off LIFETIME code to use towards any course as well as our products listed online!
What kind of support do you offer for your online students?
We love our students to have extremely close communication with their trainer over the phone or through emails so that you can refer back to previous conversations, documents, and videos with yourself and your trainer!
Your trainer will be able to respond to any of your queries within our business hours. 💞

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