Lash Prodigy & LashXtend have over a decade of eyelash and eyebrow experience and expertise. Amy Williams, founder of LashXtend & Lash Prodigy, developed our accredited in-person training, our online courses and our beautiful line of salon professional products. Researching and perfecting for over 11 years to ensure every part of the business is curated. In return, our professionals will provide quality treatments and will gain high value profit, whilst becoming the most humble entrepreneur.

Lash Prodigy constantly strives to develop quality products that are 100% vegan. Products that have zero association with animal testing or cruelty including animal bi-product introduction. All packaging is biodegradable and eco friendly ensuring we care for our beautiful planet.

Our focus is to create greatness, to inspire and maximise your potential. To give you the ultimate experience every time. We cannot wait to watch you excel and grow within the beautiful industry of lashes and brows.

Welcome to the sisterhood.