Think about a salon experience that you’ve found particularly special, whether that’s in the hair salon, nail salon or the last time you had your makeup professionally done. The times you enjoyed going probably demonstrated a few of the same qualities you’d like to portray in your own salon.
1. Communication, Communication, Communication.
There’s nothing worse than miscommunication when it comes to scheduling in client’s appointments. Fitting in appointments in an already packed out diary is challenging enough, so being clear with your clients is paramount!

The same level of communication should be applied throughout the appointment, too. Letting the client know when you’re about to touch their face or whether you need to apply or remove under-eye pads contributes to clients feeling comfortable having their eyes closed while you work your magic.
2. Scheduling
Being organised helps your business optimise your time, money and resources. Not only is it beneficial for you and your business but it also increases your clients perceived opinions of your business.
  • Keep an up-to-date diary or online booking system at all times so you can stay accountable and organised.
  • When booking clients in, make sure you’re allowing the optimum amount of time for the client’s needs. You can do this by Providing photos of lash extension supplies at different stages along with the estimated amount of time needed for a refill or fresh set.
  • Make sure clients know when their appointment will be starting and finishing. By doing this, you give clients with busy schedules the peace of mind necessary to plan out the rest of their day.
  • Allowing for a 10-minute buffer period around appointments can be helpful when clients are either (1) running late to their appointment or (2) you’re running overtime.
3. Professionalism
In order to maintain professionalism, there are a few key elements that make up overall professionalism which include:
  • Being on time- obviously life happens and sometimes you’ll be late or running over time. This is where communication is vital, a quick text to let your client know is all that’s needed to avoid frustration. 
  • Attitude above all- Some things don’t always go your way; it is important to be straight forward with your clients while still remaining professional. This means all communication needs to be clear and concise; creating an atmosphere where both parties can be honest and open.
  • Know your client – take some time to jot down a few notes after each client so you can pick up where you left off for your next appointment. Clients will feel way more important when you remember a few things you spoke about last time.

4. Confidentiality

It’s common for technicians in the beauty industry to be known for hearing about everyone’s personal stories. Beauty appointments can be a client’s outlet for their personal thoughts. Maintaining professionalism and a good relationship with your clients means keeping the things you hear confidential while also creating boundaries as to what is appropriate and what is not.
This not only acts to create an atmosphere of openness but also keeps clients coming back as they feel confident in confiding in you.
 5. Comfortability
Making your clients feel comfortable is invaluable for having returning clients. Try and satisfy the 5 senses when considering new techniques:
  1. Sight - Interior design: refer to ‘The Importance of Décor in Your Business’ for more information on this one.
  1. Scent - Create an amazing smelling room using candles, diffusers or burning incense.
  2. Touch - Provide a comfortable bed for clients along with blankets for the colder seasons and a head rest.
  1. Sound -Create a couple of different playlists to suit different clients. For example, if you know a particular client likes to sleep during their appointment, maybe create a relaxing acoustic playlist. 
  1. Taste - Although clients lay down during sessions, offering a drink or light snack is a nice touch to allow clients to feel at home. 
Overall, your communication, scheduling, professionalism, confidentiality and creation of a comfortable, welcoming and homely space for your services creates the basis for an ongoing relationship between you and your clients.
We could go on forever about different ways to create a meaningful experience for your client, but the rest is up to you. Aim to create a unique experience that other technicians aren’t providing, that way you’ll always stay ahead of the game.

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