Starting out with lash extensions can be overwhelming, whether it be applying or getting extensions yourself. So we thought we would give a quick Lash Extensions: 101 class for those who are just starting out in game. Below is a quick intro for what you need to know before getting your lashes done. 
What are lash extensions?
Unlike strip lashes, which are a one-night affair, lash extensions are applied to the eyelash extension supplies by a professional and last much longer. Each extension is applied to a natural lash with semi-permanent glue to give the effect of longer, more voluminous lashes.
Where should I get them?
Applying lash extensions is a delicate job and we recommend that you get them done by a professional. If done incorrectly it can infect your eye or cause major damage to your lashes. Preferably, go to an accredited salon, with lash artists that have gotten a proper education. 
How long will the lash extensions last?
Since your lashes are all growing at different times, the extensions will start to fall off at different times. We recommend 2-3 weeks of time before they start to look a little uneven, to come back in for a refill. 
How do I take care of my lashes?
For the best results, at-home care is important. Once you have gotten your lashes, make sure to not get them wet for the next 24 hours, so that the glue can dry properly. Keep your lashes clean, and brush them out with a fresh spoolie to detangle. You can still use makeup on your eyes, however when removing, stay away from oil based makeup removers as it can break down the adhesive.
If you have any worries, you can always ask your lash technician before the appointment, they will be able to ask any and every question you have. We always ask that our clients come in with a clean face, free of makeup so that the application can begin immediately and there will be less risk of infection. The application takes around 90 minutes, and you will be lying down so use this time to relax and wind down. Lash naps are the best form of beauty sleep you can get. 

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