In the lash extension community, there is a bit of saturation when it comes to lash technician training and many go for the cheaper option, understandably. But when they go for a job or try to create their own business,  they find it difficult to match the level of their competitors because their education may have been lacking or even wrong in the application.
Eyes are very delicate and sensitive, so learning the proper method to cleansing the eye before and after, and giving the right advice to the customer for at home treatment is an important aspect that may be looked over in cheaper courses
Because lash extension training is so complex, and there are many techniques that could be used, that could be easier and more precise for the technician, it's recommended that all techniques be taught. 
Most cheap courses aren't qualified or accredited, which means you could be getting the wrong information and could lead to trouble in the future when applying lashes to paying customers. Also, salons won't hire people with dodgy education.
The reason that our courses are more expensive is because it is taught by technicians who have been in the business for over ten years and have experience in teaching. The course goes into immaculate detail over hygiene, techniques used and a history of the industry. We are also qualified by NALA and Lash inc which is the highest level of accreditation you can receive in lash education. We also provide kits and a group for lash artists for any extra questions you may have because it is an art form that takes practice.

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