New to lashing? Unsure which lash adhesive is best suited for you?
With so many different products and endless choices, it’s easy to get overwhelmed when it comes down to deciding what's best for you.
That’s where we come in!
Here at Lash Prodigy, we stress the importance of the type of adhesive used during the lash application process, as the consistency and retention of the adhesive may vary depending on the environment.
Lash Prodigy has many different adhesives, each with their own benefits and unique properties. 
#1. Speedy
This long-lasting eyelash extensive adhesive bonds instantly and stands up to even the most humid conditions (40-70%). With the fastest dry time of any of the Lash Prodigy adhesives and a super thin consistency, the Speedy adhesive prevents fans from becoming saturated and is perfect for experienced lash artists who are confident in their placement, and work with speed and precision to create beautiful fluffy open and mega volumes.
#2. Pro
One of our most popular adhesives. The Pro adhesive has the strongest retention and can stand in the most humid of conditions (40-70%). Its thin consistency and slower drying properties (2-3 seconds) is perfect for closing fans easily. For all the classic lovers out there, this adhesive is the one for you.   
#3. Invisi
The newest edition to the Lash Prodigy adhesive range. With the same formula and staying power as Speedy, without the carbon black ingredient, Invisi is the perfect adhesive for daily use. Need to apply brown or coloured lashes? This is the best adhesive for you!
#4. Keep Calm
It’s common for clients to develop sensitivity to lash adhesives over time. If you notice a change in the reaction of your client to the adhesive used, such as redness or itching, you may need to change your adhesive. The Keep Calm adhesive bonds instantly and stands up to even the most humid conditions and its unique formula is perfect for sensitive clients.

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