So you've been lashing for a while now but you're missing your natural lashes and want to strip back. Or you've left your lashes on too long due to your busy life.
Lash Extensions by themselves do not cause damage to the virgin lashes but sometimes improper care can lead to breakage. We've got a few tips to bring your natural lashes back to life after removing your extensions. 
Take a Break from Makeup
I know it's a sad thought but leaving your eyes alone will be the quickest way for your eyelashes to heal and renew. If you need a little on your eyes, we recommend using light eyeshadow or a nourishing mascara. 
Hold on the Harsh Remover
When you do choose to wear eye-makeup, use a light, sensitive eye makeup remover and be gentle on your eyes. Hold the pad on your eye rather than rubbing the skin and wipe off gently.
Enhance your Lashes from the Inside and Out
A healthy diet full of fatty omegas, protein and biotin, as well as foods rich in vitamin B, C and D. Supplements, are also a beneficial way to help grow your lashes. On the outside, you can purchase serums to help revitalise your lash and bring moisture back into that area of your eye. 
Give your Lashes a Break!
Constant Lash Extensions can make your natural lashes weaker, so giving yourself a break in between will enhance your natural lashes as well as the look of your extensions once you choose to go back

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