Health and safety regulations when it comes to the beauty industry is one of the most important aspects, and as lash artists, handling the soft area around the eye must be done with caution. That being said, with improper education and tools, there are a few signs to tell you whether or not to change your lash technician.
Unprofessional lash application can result in the damage of natural lashes, as well as damage to the eyes, so we recommend that if you find any of these signs to contact your salon, and if eyes start to hurt or swell, immediately contact your G.P.
It’s quite normal to feel a bit of weight on your natural lashes, especially after the initial application, however, irritation including redness or itchy eyes caused by lashes that have spun or dropped is a sign of poorly applied the lash extension
You should be able to brush through your lashes with ease. If you feel your brush snagging on your lashes or feel as though your eyelashes are clumping it could be a sign that too much glue has been used, and can end up damaging your natural lashes.
Lash fallout is usual as your natural lashes start to grow and fall off, however, if you find that your lashes are falling out too fast this could be a sign that they were applied incorrectly. The average time between infills for proper application and aftercare should be 3-4 weeks, so if you feel the need for an infill after a week, it might be time to see another technician.

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