Are you someone who loves eyelash extensions but just can’t seem to maintain them?
Do you sit on your phone scrolling through Instagram wondering how those Insta models maintain perfect lash extensions all year round?
Well let’s talk Lashes!
Maintaining perfect lashes all year round is definitely a commitment, however, there are so many simple things that you can be doing which will make the process a lot easier.
Straight after your infill it is important to avoid steamy showers, saunas and excessive exercise for at least 24hrs. Once you have passed that 24hr period it is encouraged that you clean your lashes regularly; if you are someone who can’t o without make up, then we encourage you to cleanse daily.
In between you Lash infill’s it is really important you try your hardest to not rub, touch, stroke or fiddle with your extensions. If you feel the urge to play with your lashes we recommend brushing them with a disposable mascara wand rather than using your fingers. Though always be careful while brushing your extensions, if you get caught DO NOT pull through your lashes, simply brush off and gently brush back through.
Cleansing your lashes properly and regularly is extremely vital. Our LashXtend bubble shampoo and disposable mascara wands is all you need to maintain healthy, clean lashes. For anyone with eyelash extensions this is something that should be priority, especially if you’re someone who loves to wear make up.
On that note: if you’re someone who is looking after your lashes, cleansing every day, sleeping with a silk pillow case, and going for regular infill’s but still losing more lashes than you should be, then your beauty products might be the course to blame. Oil-based products are the bane of any lash extension set. Many makeup removers, moisturisers, foundations, and concealers are oil-based. Oils break down adhesive bonds, causing lash extensions to pop off prematurely, which is probably why you’re left there wondering why they just aren’t lasting.
For the sake of maintaining beautiful lash extensions, it would be a good idea to reduce the amount of oil-based products used on and around the eyes. Unfortunately if you are someone who loves full coverage make up, who wears it daily, you will not be able to completely prevent extensions fall out, however that is just something you will have to take into personal consideration and care. In addition we have added a large list below full of the best extension-friendly beauty products you can buy.

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Very impressed with this blog. I need to do lash extensions to make my lashes more beautiful and want to know more about it to make my eye more attractive.

Lash Extensions New Braunfels March 14, 2019

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