Yes, it happens, and it can be frustrating when clients don't show up for their appointment because it means that your business is taking the fall. While having a few no-shows here and there is inevitable, here are a few ways to reduce the effect it has on your business.
Create a Cancellation Window
When booking, notify the client that there is a cancellation period before the appointment, whether that be 12-24 hours, it gives them more incentive to commit to the appointment. If they cancel after that period, inform them that a cancellation fee will incur. If they cancel before, they won't incur a fee and you are able to fill the spot with a last minute customer. 
Use Automated Reminders
Clients can simply forget that they have made appointments, thanks to busy lives and crammed schedules. Make sure to grab their emails when new clients book appointments, and when it is closer to the booking, send out a reminder email to let them know about the appointment and your excitement to see the customer. This will not only remind the customer of their appointment, but can also help build a good customer relationship.
Pre Paid Appointments
When a client book an appointment, you can ask to pay upfront, so that it is more likely that they show up on the day. If they miss the appointment, they are wasting their own money and not yours. However pre-paid appointments can be deterring for some customers who are a little indecisive, so you can also opt for a deposit beforehand, and ask them to pay the rest after the appointment. 
Fill it In
As mentioned earlier, if cancelled early enough, you can fill in the cancelled appointment with a customer looking for a last minute booking. There are plenty of people looking for these, so posting a quick message on your best social media platform will be your best bet to getting the most out of your day. 

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